Midterm Design Comps 3


Assignment 6 Communication Brief

Project Name: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


1. Project Summary:

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (TCB&TL) is the oldest and largest privately held specialty coffee and tea in the United States. The company opens his first place in Brentwood California in 1963. Its main purpose is to connect Loyal Customers with Carefully handcrafted products.

The company has built relationships with the best private coffee farms and tea estates around the world, selecting only the top one percent of Arabica beans and finest hand-plucked, whole leaf teas. The company has grown to over 850 stores worldwide and continuing to grow.

The single purpose of the site is to sell quality coffee and tea. Show the variety of products the company is ready to be sold in addition to facilitating the location of the different stores.

The site also aims to sell its coffee blends in a system called Caffitaly, the site also displayed and sold products and machines needed to use this system.

Another goal of the site is to provide information about the ways to buy a franchise company.

Although the company has a website visually pleasing, is the need to redesign and create a responsive website, a more updated to current technology requirements. The objective of this project is to create a mobile website for TCB & TL.

2. Audience Profile:

The target audience of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf are mostly adults (17 and up ), of both genders, of any profession who enjoy a coffee or tea and have the option to choose between different flavors and aromas of coffee and tea brought from different parts of the world.

Small coffee shops or stores who are interested in selling products from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf or install the system called Caffitaly in their locations.

The user can go directly to the site, get details of products and buy or can also sign up and create an account. For continuous customers better to create an account in order to have quick checkout, create wish list and get email offers.

Customers who use the site are interested in buying quality products and have variety of flavors and styles of coffee and tea. The site offers facilities to buy online, make tracking of products and obtain information about each product.

The site is up to date with new products of interest to lovers of good coffee or tea as well as other systems in the remarketing as is the case Caffitaly (CBTL) Coffee capsule machines for the office, restaurant hotel needs. The Caffitaly System is one of the capsule systems for brewing coffee beverages such as espresso, cappuccino, drip coffee and teas.

The variety of products and the ease of use of the website is the key to ensuring that the customer will want to use The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf site more than once.

3. Perception/Tone/Guidelines:

The current site is primarily designed for online product sales and store locator. Compared with the information on the website of its main competitor which is Starbucks. Although the site presents their menu and drinks, is a bit hard to get to this information when compared to its main competitor Starbucks. I think the menus should be part of the main navigation as well as the store location.

The site is focused towards a more adult audience target and does not offer variety to customers of other ages who enjoy different drinks, cold drinks and striking mixtures with fruits.

The new site would have the option to learn more about the products, facilities and amenities that can be found in different locations besides providing options for purchase online. Thus it would be a more attractive site for a wider range of ages.

To be attractive for use on Smartphones or tablets the site should provide more information about what can be found in each location as well as offer attractive deals and suggest combinations for people who like to drink coffee and tea in different ways.

The website is perceived as a safe place to buy good coffee and tea. With a very traditional style and a comfortable atmosphere but also very modern and updated with the latest trends in the field of business.

Visually the site should be clean, with a good balance of modern and traditional. The site should provide the necessary information but clearly and distinctly, with images that invite to buy the products and visit the different locations

4. Communication Strategy: How will we meet our measurable goals?

The overall message that the site wants to offer is a business that is very experienced in the area, with a variety of high quality products that can be easily purchased online and also have a wide network of nice shops around where you are.

The site will feature effective messages and images to attract good customers, will also offer a wide variety of options and combinations, amenities, menus, deals and products that attract customers to different stores.

To meet the goals, you must first make an analysis of the content and the way it is presented and then determine how it will be presented in a mobile version. You must also consider ways in which the terms content / navigation must be balanced, in order to reach the optimal content first.

The success of the new site can be measured by the extent to meet the goals and objectives of the company. The wide range of facilities that can offer customers and to achieve be at the top compared to the nearest competitor.

5. Competitive Positioning: How you are different from your competition and the factors that will make you a success

Unlike his strongest competitor Starbucks, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf company according to what is observed in his website is more focused on online sales of their products rather than to explain more about the facilities and menu offered in their stores. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf company website is more equivalent to its other competitor Tully’s Coffee, but this is only for coffee.

What makes it different is that TCB&TL company is a business not only of coffee, for the company Coffee is just as important to Tea. Even when his closest competitor sells tea, this is not their main product.

I think the website should be designed not only for people who like coffee but also the alternative for those who do not like coffee but instead enjoy a good cup of tea

6. Targeted Message:

The best quality coffee ant tea in the market and the best places to enjoy them. For those who love a good cup of coffee or tea. Try our products and you’ll become a fan of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  “Coffee or Tea? “

Assignment 6 Questions

  1. Who is your target audience?

Adult people who like to enjoy a good coffee and need a safe and trusted place to buy products online. People who are looking for a reliable, quiet and safe place to meet and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while working or simply as a relaxation or social activity.

    2. What are the business goals and objectives of the client?

The business goal is to sell their products and attract customers who are interested in buying and consuming coffee and tea quality. The client’s goal is to buy quality products and have a place that offers the opportunity to purchase products online as well as the opportunity to consume the finished product in a safe environment.

    3. Thinking about the concept of “Mobile First,” what are the primary things that a user will want to do on the mobile website?

See if there is a store where the customer is located or the business permit to buy Online. Also the user wants that the site provide the option of buying simply and securely; find deals, discounts or special attractions at nearby stores. To have the opportunity to look at the different mixtures and products sold in the stores before going to them.

   4. Which of those things from  #3 are better suited for a tablet device and what things are better done from a Smartphone? Why?

To view the different products and menus available in stores is better to use the Tablet. The Tablet due to screen size allows a better view of the photos of the different products when you buy them. To locate the stores is better to use the Smartphone, it is more convenient when you’re away from home.

   5. Based on lookup/find, explore/play, check-in/ status, and edit/create, what is the organization of your mobile site? What will you include in your navigation for the mobile website?

Definitely would include the lookup / find interaction. This is very convenient to locate the store closest to the location of the prospective client.

Explore/play: look up menu and nutritional facts; learn more about their products.

Check-in/status: access to social networks.

Edit/ create: To make an account, shop and sign up for online newsletter or news.